(Parental Guidance Suggested)

Warning if you are not grounded in your faith in Christ and truly know what is in the Bible and what you believe DONT WATCH THIS FILM you may at the end of this film doubt anything and everything from now on in life

All others this is a must watch to the see the true deception of the enemy in the hands and minds of men at work

A little back story

This video has spread through the Internet like wild fire. I cannot go to a forum on the Internet without someone mentioning how this is the “truth” and it has “opened [their] eyes”. Nearly always, they also claim that they know these things are true because of their “own research”. The interesting part of all this is, you rarely see any engineers, scientists, or anyone else making such claims.

I decided to sit down and watch the film, I honestly began watching it thinking it may have some interesting information. When it was all over, I realized that many things were completely wrong, misquoted, or had already been disproven by many other people long ago. The problem was that when I tried to Google more information about it, nobody had made a complete guide discussing all the inaccuracies of the film. So, here I am.

The movie rarely cites sources, and when it does, it fails to provide page numbers, dates, and other information. Sourced information listed on their web site is primarily from books which are sometimes hard to obtain.

Question the Conspiracy Theorists

I am not naïve, and you should not be either; the information here will be considered controversial to many of those who see this movie as the truth. That said, do not be surprised if they refuse to believe anything written in these pages. I personally have tried to show people before, generally they reply “you shouldn’t believe everything you read on the Internet” (ironic, isn’t it?) and/or that they “just have an open mind”. Note that these are not answers to the skeptics’ questions, these are just ways to avoid facing something that disproves what they believe. Readers have also reported that conspiracy theorists if they have one problem with anything on it, they automatically throw out the whole thing without reading the in its entirety.

One of the biggest rebuttals I receive is that the film “isn’t meant to be true, just to open your mind to other possibilities.” The problem with this logic is that there are better ways to show someone alternative view points other than blatantly lying to them. Most importantly, most people that like this movie do believe it, they don’t see it as just some metaphorical mind-opening experience. My question to these people who refute me this way is this: if I am wrong and/or lying , then why aren’t I also just trying to open peoples minds? Why am I the liar? Is it because I don’t make outrageous and impossible claims about the world and believe you to be an idiot?

They say I have “missed the entire point of the film”, but have I really? If the film is lying to me about everything, then what is the point? It can’t be to open my mind, that really doesn’t make sense, because if that is the case, all liars are really just trying to open your mind. The film’s web site makes a big deal that if you find anything incorrect, then it wasn’t supposed to be correct — however, I imagine if you do believe something in it, they’ll tell you that it’s true as well.

Good luck to anyone using this information to try to talk sense into someone.


The movie talks about things such as “the sun was worshipped by the ancients” and I do not dispute this. Information that has been widely known for countless years I will not mention. My goal is to only debate the new ideas they put forth that challenge older ones.

That said, a lot of people claim that “I do not believe everything in the movie, but this thing seems true to me, so you should watch it.” Just because something of substance might be found, does not make it a good / factual movie. For example, if I have a pie, and I fill it with dirt and put a slice of apple in it, it does not make it an apple pie — though some would claim so. If I can’t find any information in the film to be true, I will say so, however sometimes people who criticize me say that if I “can’t prove it isn’t true, then it must be true”. I’m sorry, that isn’t how science works.

Part I is perhaps the most believed of all sections. I have come to the conclusion that you should automatically not trust anyone using the words “astro-theology”, because it will no doubt follow with outrageous claims with little, to no, evidence to back them up. As I stated, I am not a Christian Apologist, but nearly everything said in Part I is completely wrong or completely made up.

What is worse is the Companion Guide written by the shrew of an author Acharya S, Her book goes on and on, making essentially the same claims as the movie, but they are even more outrageous and unfounded. She claims certain things are in the book of the dead, but even a minor look at it, shows it’s a complete lie. She makes ridiculous and impossible comparisons to the lives of Horus and Jesus, most of which defy all history, logic, and sometimes language. Christians shouldn’t be the only ones offended by Part I, as a human, I’m offended they think I am so stupid as to believe any of the claims made there in.

Part II is the same stuff that has been debunked by hundreds of other people, and is essentially a copy from movies such as Loose Change. It has no connection to Part I what so ever.

Part III is the second most believed behind Part I. Everything in this part is out of context, a lie, misquoted, made up, or taken from anti-Semites who have made the same claims for years. I heard about these claims many times, and many people have made them. What is most interesting, there was a movie from the late 1980s about how the UN is going to take over the world, and it made nearly all the same claims. Why didn’t that come true?

Overall there are absolutely no connections between Part I and any other part of the movie, Part II is a complete lie because 9/11 was an Outside Job, and Part III is the same things that have been said for decades, just replace “Banking Interests” with “Jews”, “Illuminati”, “Aliens”, and many others, and you will automatically create the scripts for many other similar movies.

So, the conclusion is, the film is 99.999%  a complete lie, complete farce, made up garbage.

But hey, you don’t have to believe me, I’m not the one making outrageous claims that religion is only meant to control you, and that it is connected with 9/11, which in turn with the Federal Reserve will give you a microchip… with no evidence of consequence.