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Preacher Said What?

“The false prophet has none of this, but he does have giftings, he is quite a speaker, and he is dynamic and he seems to have some sort of power about him. But know this, his character is the key. Does he bear fruit?

False prophets are known by two things. One: the fruit that they bear. And two: the gospel they preach (Galatians chapter 1). And you can just line up many of these TV preachers and just look at the fruit of their life, the way they live, and then look at the gospel that they supposedly preach and you can mark them off as false prophets. Immediately!

Now it says – he [Paul] says something unusual about them. He says that they are like wolves. Their god is their belly. Their god is their belly BUT they look like sheep. Now how is that? How is it…

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