You must step into darkness to deliver souls in to the darkness to the light. Those who need to hear the truth the most walk the path of darkness. When the spirit burns bright, the shadows tremble in fear. it is only then that you may cross into the boundary between light and shadow, to call into the darkness, so the haunted may hear the truth.

Lyrics for your pleasure

From the dawn of time
Man has always sought peace
But war has been the terror of his legacy
The horror of his fate
The final hours of history…

For as long as man
Stands at war with his God
He will be condemned to stand at war
With himself and his seed
Behold, the greatest conspiracy…

For I have seen hell and the torment of the damned
In the day of evil, in the dying hour…

In the balance of power
And the origin of fate
Lies the sovereignty of man
In the doctrine of hate…

The hour of redemption is upon us
And the day of judgment will bring
The end of the dream
The end of the nightmare
The end of all the days
The end of the fighting
And the end of the rage
That lies in our mortal remains
At the end of the age…