What is a Christian? A follower of Christ.
The Bible says that a person who practices homosexuality will not inhered the kingdom of heaven.
Meaning will not be saved, because God made women and man to marry and their spirit becomes one. Not two people of the same sex to get married. Sodom & Gomorrah, God destroyed it because there was every kind of perverted sexual act going on. The LORD destroyed it

People can give you their opinions or their opinion of what they think God might think. I’m only telling you what the word of God says. Not my opinion.
The Old testament is actually still valid (the only thing Jesus broke was the sacrifices because he became the perfect sacrifice) If the 10 commandments were not valid then why did Jesus follow them? What laws are now written in your heart? Jesus said that now we were going to have the laws in our heart!! Then when Jesus descended to heaven, after he had resurrected, what did he tell his disciples. ” Go amd make disciples, teach them what I taught you.” If it was not valid, then why did Jesus refer so much to the old testament. This is called the cheap grace. Thinking you can do whatever you want with your life because He died for you. Yes, he did die for us. But He said carry you cross and deny yourself