Well the Lord has done some awesome things and we are so excited to be moving to Pensacola finally.

Our life has become a walking testimony.We all as Christians need to finally step out of our comfort zone and step up to the plate. God is faithful and will always provide if we will just trust in Him.

Dont miss out on great things by staying where its safe and comfortable

The modern day nomads started at such humble beginnings.Started with a young man and a young woman that just knew each other for 4 days and ran off into the sunset to start a life together.The enemy did all he could to seperate them and destroy the love that they had for each other.As time went by though they learned that the closer they got to the Lord the closer He brought them together and made their bond stronger.Then they started a family and were blessed with a gift and named her Alexandra.Such humble beginnings yet they prayed together and stayed together.

As time went by since the young couple loved to sing and minister to others.They soon knew that it was easier and more fulfilling to sing praises to their King instead of wasting time singing worldly and pointless tunes to the world.

As Alexandra grew up they noticed that she too had been gifted to sing and had a heart for the lost as well.

So they as a group prayed for many years until the timing (the Lords timing) was just right

And so they packed their bags and started counting the days until they could fulfill the great commission and serve others and their King for the rest of their lives.

And so now the countdown begins for another chapter in their lives

And in 30 days they will be starting the adventure of a lifetime on the beach

Thank you Father for being so faithful to us through all these years.It has not been easy but You are awesome and we love you so so much

Our Lord and King and Master that blows the wind in our sails

All the way to the coast where the sand is white and water is blue

What a mighty God we serve

Sola Scriptura

Por Vida