Now as many here know i am a Christian but i just had to post this video.This show comes on the television here.

My point of posting this is as follows:

This is just one example of many that i have seen where Christians make other Christians look really bad.I mean we are supposed to come in love yet time and time again so called believers come across and are actually just plain ignorant about what they believe.

If we are to reach a fallen world then we must first know our bibles.And two we must be able to explain to anyone at any time why we believe what we say we believe.

This video really hurts my heart.I know most atheists come after Christians for fun but you will see in this video that alot of Christians just act like fools and kill their testimony and fail yet alot of atheist can at least explain why they believe what they believe

Alot of Christians sadly are full of hate and really dont know the Savior for if they did they wouldnt look so stupid and ignorant

Apologetics is the discipline of defending a position (often religious) through the systematic use of information.

Sadly more and more so called Christians havent a clue on how to do this