The never ending pursuit of making Jesus in our own image continues. The “jesus” in this movie isn’t much different than the “jesus” that is being pushed by many of today’s churches.

This is what happens when Jesus’ humanity is re-worked so that it conforms with our sinfulness while Jesus’ divinity is ignored or re-tooled according to our idolatrous notions about how we want god to be. What’s left is not an ‘ultra christ’. What is left is a weak, pathetic, powerless Jesus instead of the perfectly righteous King of Kings and Lord of Lords who died on the cross to propitiate God’s wrath and atone for our sins, the Jesus who sits enthroned at the right hand of God the Father and will come again with glory to judge both the living and the dead.

Warning: This trailer is extremely blasphemous, idolatrous and is NOT kid friendly.