Victory Family Church in Decatur, Texas has a new billboard campaign that features the Prince of Darkness saying, “I hate Victory Family Church”.

After recovering from the obvious repugnance of using Lucifer to promote your church, even if it is ‘reverse psychology’, we decided to peruse their website to see if the offense of Jesus Christ and Him Crucified for Sinners was the front and center message that this church is proclaiming. Why? Because we know from scripture that the message of the cross is the the one that REALLY burns the Devil.

Let’s see how offensive Victory Family Church would be to demonic forces.

The Good

• Their building has a cross on it. That is a good start. But, remember the devil is always in the details. We need to ask some very important questions.

What are they teaching about the cross?

What do they say that Christ accomplished on it?

Are they even preaching about the cross at all? After all it is one thing to have a cross on your building it is another to actually preach about it.

• They have an orthodox statement of faith. This is also good. But, are they preaching the doctrine they’ve posted or is that document collecting dust because of dis-use? It is one thing to have a sound doctrinal statement it is another to preach and teach those doctrines.

The Bad

• Red Flag – The church’s slogan is ‘Putting Victory in Your Family’. Hmmmm…this is not a Biblical theme.

• Major Red Flag – The church has a NEW vision statement prominently featured on their home page. It says some very disturbing things:

1. God designed a plan of victorious living for each Christian. It is our mission to help you find God’s perfect plan.

2. At Victory, we believe in helping you achieve a dream family.

3. God intended for believers to have a place where they could fellowship and learn to overcome life’s challenges. Christians aren’t supposed to live a defeated, miserable life! God has so much more in store for you.

Woah! Victory’s vision statement contradicts the Biblical ‘vision statement’ laid out by the founder of the Church, Jesus Christ.

Jesus told the church to go and make disciples. Victory Church is making ‘dream families’.

Scripture tells Pastors to Preach the Word. Victory’s Pastor teaches people how to ‘overcome life’s challenges’.

Scripture says that Christians will be persecuted. Victory says that ‘Christians aren’t supposed to live a defeated, miserable life.’


Scripture says to preach Christ and Him Crucified. Victory preaches man-centered sermons. Here is the list of the last few published sermons from Victory Family Church.

“Living On Purpose”
“The Power to Get Wealth Part 4”
“The Power to Get Wealth Part 3”
“The Power to Get Wealth Part 2”
“The Power to Get Wealth Part 1”
“The Authority of the Believer”


Victory Family Church has wandered off into Seeker-Sensitive La-La Land. They don’t preach and teach sound doctrine, or Jesus Christ Crucified for Sinners. They exist to make ‘dream families’ instead of disciples grounded in the words of scripture and sound doctrine. They preach about man instead of Christ.

Victory Family Church should be sued for false advertising!

Satan doesn’t hate their church. He loves it!