"Christian" Pornography?

The church’s slide into complete apostasy continues unabated. The latest evidence of this comes from a website that is proposing “Christian” pornography (warning: explicit content). Here is their proposed framework for “Christian” porn.

• It must depict only married couples engaging in sexual acts.
• It must portray sex within the context of a Christian marriage.
• It must be instructional.
• Husband and wife must both receive their due benevolence. (This means that both sex partners must be shown getting equal pleasure and sexual attention from one another)
• No extramarital sex, unless it is to illustrate the downfalls of adultery.
• It must be uplifting and inspirational, focusing on strengthening Christian marriage and Christian faith.
• No profanity.

So basically as long as we’re looking at instructional pornography the depicts “Christian” married couples having sex then we should embrace this as edifying and blessed of God.