Tims Stevens, one of the “pastors” at Granger Community Church Self-Help and Life Improvement Center has redefined the terms “worship” and “Christ-Centered”. His broad new expansive and generous redefinition of the terms “worship” and “Christ-Centered” are soooooo loose and broad that they can easily accomodate Van Halen’s Eruption and a rock song that doesn’t even mention Jesus Christ or God for that matter. The song mentions love, it talks about living a more moral life. But, let’s be honest. A Mormon could sing that song. A Buddhist could sing that song. A Muslim could sing that song. A member of the Purple Nike Cult could sing that song. The “god” that is being worshiped in these songs is impossible to divine.

Fact is, this may be “worship” BUT it is definitely NOT “Christian Worship” or “Christ-Centered Worship”.

So when “pastors” redefine terms like “worship” and “Christ-Centered” in such broad and loose ways what ends up happening is that those terms no longer mean anything because they mean whatever the person employing them wants them to mean.