In the 2nd Century there arose a cult called Montanism. It was started by a “Prophet” called Montanus. Early church historians tell us that Montanus, prior to becoming a Christian, was a Temple Priest of the Mother Goddess of Fertility who was called Cybele. In the worship of Cybele, the followers would dance wildly to the point of convulsing. Also, there would be very loud music and the followers would often fall into a “trance” like state.

Even more bizarre, was that during the course of the wild, ecstatic type worship, some of the male followers would publicly and ritualistically castrate themselves. Then, subsequent to their castration, these same men would take on “female” identities and begin wearing women’s clothing. So, it was out of this spiritual environment that Montanus evolved.

Upon becoming a Christian, Montanus began to prophesy. When prophesying, it is recorded that Montanus would fall into a trance like state while speaking forth his prophecies. This was called ecstatic prophecy by the early church historians. Also, there was loud music and ecstatic type worship associated with these meetings.

A very interesting part of the history of this movement involved two women named Prisca (or Priscilla) and Maximilla. These two women are said to have left their husbands in order to “go and prophesy with Montanus”. Later, it is recorded that Prisca claimed that Jesus would come to her at night and sleep by her side, but He would be in the form of a woman. And, we thought there were problems with the book “The Shack”!

Theologically, Montanists claimed to have a “fuller revelation” than that which was already given in scripture. Montanists also believed that their prophecies superseded the doctrines of the Apostles.

Eusebius, a historian of the early church, is said to have written when describing Montanus, that Montanus would “fall into a frenzy and convulsions” while supposedly prophesying. This led some to believe that Montanus was actually possessed by a demonic spirit.

When looking at the brief history of Montanism as described above, it sounds all too familiar doesn’t it? I mean, if you consider the recent developments in the Body of Christ over the last couple of years, it seems that upon reading the history of Montanism, you could be reading a description of our modern day followers of the “New Ecstatic Worship” and the “New Ecstatic Prophesy”.

When watching the many You Tube clips of our modern ecstatic prophets and the modern ecstatic worship, one cannot help but draw the close comparison to what one reads about when researching Montanism. I believe, seeing how it is so very close in comparison, that we are witnessing a revival of the ancient spirit of Montanism within the Body of Christ today. And, this is very serious for the church.

Some credit ancient Montanism with creating a strong backlash within the 2nd Century church against the operation of the gifts of the spirit. In some churches the operation of the gifts all but disappeared. Such a reaction is the last thing the church needs today.

I find the vulgarity exhibited by some of our modern day ecstatic prophets to be particularly damaging to the church. Especially, this new thing going on where certain Pastors are comparing the anointing of the Holy Spirit to getting high on street drugs as these same Pastors “act out” as if they are smoking marijuana and injecting heroin as they are supposedly getting “high” on the Holy Spirit. They are coining it “Tokin On the Ghost”.

All of this is simply an abomination. The Bible says that God stands in battle array against the proud. I don’t know about you, but it seems to me that people should have a reverent fear of God while He is sitting on His throne in Heaven above, let alone if He becomes angry and decides to take an offensive and militaristic posture against someone. I believe these ecstatic folks are testing God and they are getting ready to see “fire and smoke” for sure, but it is not going to be coming from a “drug pipe”. Wait and see. God will not be mocked.

Another significant issue we see concerning the ecstatics is that there seems to be an emasculation of males in this movement. The men are not men. They act like immature boys. They are grossly underdeveloped spiritually and they are effeminate. This leads me to believe that, in fact, the ancient Jezebellic spirits are at work today. You see, Jezebel and her false prophets hated the true prophets of God. And, we see in the Bible, that Jezebel sought to do what? Jezebel sought to kill the true prophets of God.

The same demonic spirits are at work today. They cause the modern day ecstatics to work themselves up into trances and frenzies just like the false prophets of Baal on Mt Carmel. And, just as some of the male followers of Cybele would publicly and ritualistically castrate themselves back then, I believe today we are seeing these same demonic influences as they attempt to “spiritually castrate” the male leadership of the present day church.

There is no escaping this comparison. What we are witnessing today is so close to what we read about in church history. I want to warn the Pastors of churches today. You ignore all of this to your peril and the peril of your church. Do not underestimate to size and scope of this movement. It is large, and it is organized. There are several different organizations throughout the country that are involved in this, with each group having its own area or facet of emphasis, but ultimately, they are being motivated by, and influenced by the same demonic influence.

Again Pastors, you cannot simply look the other way and ignore this. I urge you to educate yourself to what is transpiring within the Body of Christ. Do this so you can be prepared to give a defense of the true gospel when the time comes. May the Lord empower His true servants and prepare them for the days ahead. Amen.