Ok heres my gist on this in totality ok here it goes

The Holy Spirit is a perfect gentleman.He will not do anything that could ever be misunderstood as confusion or opposite of His Holy Nature.SO i know alot of these bands Such as August Burns Red and Aveneged Sevenfold etc etc.BUT and here is the big one….When the voices sounds like gutteral demons from Hell…And NONE of the lyrics even directly mention Christ Jesus but kinda in a way insinuate goodness and a good message yet delivering it in this matter is a hard press.I cannot say that they are not Christian but i really dont think we make much of a difference in this world with this kind of music cause i think when all is said and done..Its all about Jesus and we need to let people know lost or saved that our music that we sing reaches to all bounds and borders..May God have all the glory and honor through the music that we do..Im gonna post one of their videos to show you the extreme bands out there…

In Closing we need bands to spread the message clearly of Christ to the masses (clearly)

Pretty heavy duty stuff i warn you

Here is August Burns Red….An outspoken Christian Band but my thoughts on this are of course above you

In Christ